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Our usual office hours are Monday - Friday, 10am-6pm. Our office is closed on UK public holidays but our online store is always open!


Unit F, The Courts

Kestrel Road


M17 1SF

United Kingdom

Unit F, The Courts

Kestrel Road


M17 1SF

United Kingdom

Our usual office hours are Monday - Friday, 10am-6pm. Our office is closed on UK public holidays but our online store is always open!

The Bliss Bolster Bed


Over ten years of dog bedding expertise distilled into one classic design to make the perfect bolster bed

We've been contemplating what makes the perfect bolster style bed for over ten years (read the launch blog for the full story), and The Bliss Bolster Bed is Charley Chau's answer to that question.

Designed with four ethically sourced duck-feather filled Bolster Inserts to create a cosy cocoon around a deep-filled luxury mattress - your dog can nestle into the sides, rest their chins on top, or squish and squash to heir heart's content and yet the bed will simply plump-up right back to shape. 

New for 2022 - The Bliss Bolster Bed is also available with an Anti-Microbial Memory Foam Mattress base!

A little extra support and oodles of style points

Inspired by Anna (grand dame of our pack who lived to the ripe old age of 16) and all of the older dogs we work with that need a little more support and versatility from their beds to get comfy, we've created a small collection of Mini Bolster Pads to add to the The Bliss Bolster Bed.

Add Mini Bolster Pads on this page in the same colour as The Bliss Bolster Bed, or select "Bolster Bed Only" here and head off to the Mini Bolster Pad page to choose any combination of colours that you wish and style-up your Bliss Bolster Bed!

Highlights for The Bliss Bolster Bed

  • Four ethically-sourced duck-feather pads - create a cosy cocoon that your dog can squish and squash but the bed will still plump right back up
  • Optional Mini Bolster Pads are a great way to create versatility and look fabulous too 
  • Deep-filled luxury mattress (filled with insulating hollowfibre) has been tried and tested by thousands of dogs - constructed with internal wall panels to minimise fibre-migration to keep the bed soft and supportive even after washing
  • Also available with an anti-microbial memory foam mattress
  • The luxury mattress can be lifted out and used on its own – perfect for travelling 
  • The outer fabric is Faroe, a beautiful upholstery-quality fabric with the feel and warmth of woven wool but Faroe is tough enough for human sofas and armchairs
  • Fully removable covers (bed sides and mattress) and machine washable everything, including the duck feather pads and mattress inner
  • Waterproof Liners, Spare Covers, Replacement Bolster Inserts Mattresses are also available 

Take a look at the launch blog for the full story behind the development of the Bliss Bolster Bed >

Sizing and colourways

The Bliss Bolster Bed is available in three generous sizes.  Size - approx. external dimensions // approx. internal mattress area

  • Small  - ext. 75 x 65 cm // int. 50 x 40cm
  • Medium - ext. 95 x 80 cm // 60 x 50 cm
  • Large - ext. 130 x 105 cm // 95 x 68 cm

And available in five gorgeous colourways: Jade, Sienna, Lemongrass, Pebble and Nimbus Grey.

Practical Options


All Charley Chau products have washcare labels sewn into to covers or on the pads/inserts for easy reference. 

Bliss Bolster Bed Removable Covers in Faroe

As you would expect from Charley Chau, the removable covers on The Bliss Bolster Bed are machine washable. Wash on a gentle synthetics wash (low-medium spin speed). The covers can be dried naturally or tumble dried on a low heat setting. If ironing the covers please use a low heat setting.

Deep-Filled Luxury Mattress

The deep-filled luxury mattress can be machine washed on gentle synthetics cycle (low spin speed) and dried naturally, laid flat on an airing rack or in a warm airing cupboard. Re-shape while damp and ensure the mattress is dried out thoroughly before use.  Large size mattresses should be washed in a large capacity machine only. We generally recommend waterproof liners for the large size mattresses as they reduce the need to wash the mattress as frequently.

Feather Bolster Pads 

The Feather Bolster Pads inside the Bliss Bolster Bed sides are are machine washable on a gentle wash, e.g. a delicates or handwash cycle, and should be dried thoroughly (bone dry!) in a tumble drier as the action of the tumble drier will separate and plump the wet feathers after washing.  If drying naturally (not ideal), do so in a warm airing cupboard and give the pads a good "bash" several times throughout the drying period. 

For info on washcare labelling see: Nerds Guide to Washcare Labelling.

A note about our duck feathers ... 

Our ethically sourced duck feather pads are made in England and our manufacturer sources the feathers that fill our pads from a Downpass certified feather supplier in Germany. This means that the feathers used in our pads are a by-product of the food industry and humanely sourced (i.e. not collected from live animals, nor from the foie gras industry).

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