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Spare Covers for Mini Bolster Pads

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Spare Covers... just in case!

Spare Covers are available for our Mini Bolster Pads, the loose cushions that can be added to The Bliss Bolster Bed and Day Bed Mattress in Faroe, just in case of unforeseen accidents.

Spare Covers are also fab if you just want a refresh and switch the colourways on your existing Mini Bolster Pads.

Mini Bolster Pad Sizes 

The sizes of the Mini Bolster Pads are below shown with cover size (flat cover with no feather pad inserted) and pad Size when filled (pad with cover on). Measuring squishy pads is an inexact science so the dimensions given are approximate. 

Mini Bolster Pad Cover Cover Size (when flat) Pad Size (when filled)
Size 1 
35x24cm Approx 34x23cm
Size 2 40x27cm Approx 38x24cm
Size 3 46x29cm Approx 44x26cm
Size 4 65x28cm Approx 63x25cm
Size 5 79x28cm Approx 78x25cm


All Charley Chau products have washcare labels sewn into to covers or on the pads/inserts for easy reference. 

As you would expect from Charley Chau, the Spare Covers for our Mini Bolster Pads are machine washable. Wash on a gentle synthetics wash (low-medium spin speed). The covers can be dried naturally or tumble dried on a low heat setting. If ironing the covers please use a low heat setting.