Dog Blankets & Throws

A stylish dog blanket is a good find indeed - a great way of adding an added bit of cosiness to your dog's bed but also perfect for the sofa, the back of your car and for travelling. Our collection of dog blankets is incredibly versatile. Aside from being great to snuggle under in cold weather, they're are also great for "dressing" your dog's bed so that the bed looks fabulous in your home - faux-fur dog blankets draped casually over a dog bed can look simply stunning, fleece dog blankets rolled up as little bolsters are great for nestling into and comforters are fab for lining an existing bed. As you'd expect from Charley Chau, all of our luxury dog blankets and sofa throws are as practical as they are gorgeous - all machine washable, even the indescribably lush faux-furs dog blankets!